Makeup Lessons

One to one lessons can be a really valuable way of finding out what works best for your skin. One lesson with Sarah covers every detail of your skin concerns and makeup techniques including:

Makeup Lessons Bromley
  • Skin type determination
  • Foundation Matching
  • Face Shapes & Sculpting
  • Eye Shapes & Blending Techniques
  • Colour Correcting
  • Lip Colours & Textures

Every lesson is personalised to the individual, and can be done in several stages if required. A booklet will be given to you to log your progress and to record all of the products/tools and step by step techniques used for you to keep and refer to. 

Lessons with Sarah will last approximately 2 hours and cost £60. Other lessons are available for more advanced Makeup Techniques. Please get in touch using the contact Form

---For pictures of Sarah's Makeup and testimonials see the BLOG page--